{Updated} Financial Aid For BPL Patients in Puducherry To Increase

By | January 2, 2018

Financial Aid For BPL Patients in Puducherry To Increase

Below Poverty Line, or BPL, residents in the state of Puducherry who are dealing with difficulties involving their health will receive added financial aid. This comes as a means of helping those who deal with unexpected and significant medical issues.

Financial Aid For BPL Patients

This particularly comes from an expansion of the existing financial aid services offered to BPL patients in the state. The government had offered Rs. 2 lakh to cover the expenses associated with taking care of BPL patients. The total has been increased to Rs. 2.5 lakh.

This is being supported by the Puducherry Medical Relief Society. The organization has reviewed its general policy for handling BPL patients and decided that offering this support is the best solution to work with in terms of what can be offered.

The coverage that is offered in this will be available for use in many hospitals around the state. These include some hospitals that are devoted to specific types of treatments of people with certain conditions. The terms for coverage will vary by each hospital though. Also, some hospitals may not be likely to participate in the programs in general.

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What About Annual Income?

The annual incomes of patients are to be reviewed in particular for this plan. This is to ensure that those who are under the poverty line are actually confirmed so they can receive the help that they need.

The annual income of a person who benefits from this will be fixed at Rs. 1, 5 lakh. This is actually an increase over the original fixed limit of Rs. 75.000. This is to help with supporting those who have been attempting to earn money but are still at significant harm as they are below the poverty line regardless.

What Does It Cover?

The plan is designed to cover those who, according to the Medical Relief Society. are suffering from “life threatening diseases.” These may include various infections, cancers and other serious problems that might be difficult to predict. This especially comes as many people in some of the poorest parts of the state are people who are dealing with serious problems where they are not getting the medical assistance that they require.

Some pre-existing conditions might be covered although this may vary based on how extensive they are. People will have to check with the hospitals they go to as a means of seeing what they might be able to qualify for support with.

Who Can Apply?

The application process for taking care of different medical considerations is important to look into. Many people are able to take advantage of different services from the Medical Relief Society although they would have to contact their hospitals for help. Hospitals are typically responsible for getting the application process to go through so people can receive the help that they might require.

The applications for the program are important to look into. This comes as the hospitals will come across many applications and might take a bit of time to go through them. People below the poverty line who need assistance with medical treatments are encouraged to look for assistance as soon as possible. This is so the wait for getting such support will not be too extensive.

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What Hospitals Are Qualifying?

The hospitals that are taking part in this particular system will have to be reviewed by applicants. Hospitals around the state can participate although it will be easier to find such hospitals in the Union Territory.

Specialized hospitals can also provide people with support. These include hospitals that offer assistance for specific types of medical conditions that people may have. The government will have to approve of such hospitals to ensure that they will receive the assistance and support that they demand for any kind of purpose.

A History of Help

The support provided by the Medical Relief Society Is especially important to look into. The society was formed in 1998 as a means of helping those who are poor with getting the medical support they demand. This Includes support for specialist treatments in hospitals around the state as wel as those that are outside of the Union Territory.

By offering this help, people are protected tom the risks that come with various serious diseases. They can receive the proper treatment that they require for all sorts of conditions. The extension of financial aid for BPL patients in the state of Puducherry will be very Important for all those looking to receive the medical he that they demand.

People who are below the poverty line we have to contact hospitals in Puducherry to see how they can qualify for this new plan. This is so they we not have to worry about being able to afford the medical treatment services that they might require.


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